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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Women's rights in the twenty first century!!

Where are we on women's issues today??
We are still fighting over equality/ still trying to fight violence towards women and still trying to retain
our reproductive rights. The current USA election 2016 also saw how so many women wanted to
break the glass ceiling and elect a female President in the biggest democracy . It was more about
the symbolism of women achieving the highest office in a powerful nation. Technology is progressing
at a rapid rate and is changing. Why can't we change the mentality of people ?? Why is it taking us
centuries to fight for the same basic rights??
I think the answer lies in the upbringing of the generations. Each and every one of us is responsible
to bring about this change. In all societies the issues are pretty much the same. In Indian society we
are still quite backward than others towards women's rights. A few nations in the east join the sad
bandwagon. Who made man more superior? In Indian society a progressive mother tells her son and
daughter today that you are both equal. When her son grows up and gets married, the same mother
who now is the mother in law becomes conservative and demands her son to be treated superior. If
we change this aspect in our life may be then we can think of progress. Every one of us has the
power to change one or two people. We need women to be united and try to change the perceptions
and expectations. Violence both physical and mental plagues the society. Women fought their way to
right to work. They just made it even harder because men adapted to the women working but not
to the idea of sharing her duties. In the West if a woman decided to stay home. It still did not mean
she only needed to cook and clean. In the East a woman can decide to share the bread winner
responsibilities but still has to make sure everything works. Many life partners have changed this
attitude and are sharing a married household equally. Some men also decided to stay home when
needed to support their wife's career and balance. Is that working well?? It depends from family to
family! What works is a mutual respect, love and understanding, when children learn at an early
stage that mother and father provide equilibrium to the family dynamics. Having an opinion is
important and also understanding the other person view point. Love and affection in a family is key to
children being well balanced individuals in the future. So we start at the very beginning right from
selection of a life partner. Having a healthy argument is better than bottled feelings creating unhealthy
mind and body suffering the consequences. You must wonder wasn't it about legislation and bills and
why did I start talking about family issues. Well like the human body when a part hurts the whole body
is unwell but we treat just that one organ or injury and not the whole body .Women's rights start at
home which is the smallest unit of society then slowly change the world one small step one small
legislation at a time. If someone tries to curb our basic rights wake up and acknowledge the
problem-which is the first step. This is a topic worth volumes of books. It definitely is a topic for
discussion. So right in your thoughts on what will help bring progress to women’s rights or what are
your thoughts on this topic?

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